Benefits of the tree medicine frog

Short-term effects include mental clarity, heightened awareness, general well-being, feeling centred and a deeper connection with ourselves. In the long run, we get rid of panema (dark or negative energies), bad luck, and wellness continues to increase.

However, we should be cautious with generalisations as every experience and person is unique. When Lucev works with people who have cancer, suffer from trauma or other serious conditions, she makes it clear that there is a path to be undertaken. “Sometimes, we have to go into dark places before we can see the light. Or actually, be courageous enough to bring our own light into those places. Kambo helps us clear this path”.

“Whenever we’re closer to ourselves, we’re closer to nature, or to what sometimes people refer to as God. So the moment we clear up the obstacles separating us from this recognition, be it physical pain and conditions, emotional patterns, thought patterns and beliefs, all states of disease and discomfort disappear. We’re then able to experience happiness, joy and peace. This is what kambo is trying to help us with, to remove those obstacles.”