My interview with high humans

Filipa Kostadinova (37) | Lightworker

In the first part of my life, I was working as an accountant. When I was a teenager growing up in Bulgaria, I would drink and go out a lot. Then I smoked marijuana for a few years, followed by a period of partying with drugs like cocaine and MDMA.

To me there are two kinds of mind-altering substances: drugs and medicines. You take drugs to feel good, but afterwards you often feel bad and empty. Medicines on the other hand take you to your dark side, after which they pull you into the light. My journey through synthetic drugs has led me to the natural world of medicines. I prefer them now.

Considering drug policy I’d say: repression never works. Not on a micro level and not on a macro level either. It’s the wrong type of energy, which only raises a counter-reaction. I believe in a regulated policy, creating the possibility to get acquainted with drugs under the supervision of a professional.

These days, I’m a therapist with kambo and bufo, two types of frog poison. Kambo really helps to clean your organs. Bufo helps mostly with the unblocking of suppressed emotions. You experience what it’s like when your ego dies and you become one with the universe. This is an incredibly valuable medicine, and I recommend it to everyone.

I still think synthetic drugs are special, but they’re based on something untrue. Natural substances are produced by nature. They contain their own spirit, which is an important aspect. You can open your third eye with both synthetic and natural substances. But only natural medicines will open your third eye to something pure and true. Synthetic drugs open it up to something untrue, and that can cause a lot of confusion.

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