Allow your Higher Self help you harmonize and remove blockages with the help of your Higher Self

How does your Higher Self help you energetically harmonize?


Your Higher Self stands at a higher level of consciousness coordinating all your existences. You can ask it to help you about any area of your life to help you improve it and move forward as a spiritual being.

You may ask for help if ….

– You are placing a lot of enthusiasm into a project, but it still does not move forward.

– You keep repeating the same pattern with your partner but you don’t know why.

– You need economic stability and you are not capable of achieving it.

– You want to give a new direction to your life that makes you feel better and you don’t know what direction to take or what to devote yourself to.

– You want to evolve but you don’t know what prevents you from doing so.

– Your family relationships are suffering and you want to improve them.


These and other issues are indicators of possible energetic blockages that are preventing you from achieving what you desire. By petitioning your Higher Self you free yourself from these blockages and allow yourself to enjoy a fulfilling life.


Your Higher Self is …

Your Higher Self is a projection of energy from Source. A higher level of consciousness.

Its mission is to coordinate all of your existences, in all the moments of space and time, all the lives in which you are incarnated.


It bridges the gap between Source on one hand and, on the other with your Spirit, your Soul and your personality.


Your Higher Self has within it all the power, knowledge and capabilities bestowed to you by Source. Therefore, you have at your disposal all the knowledge, potential and capabilities that your Higher Self can access.


And as all of your lives are happening at the same time, your Higher Self can give you all the information you need in each life for your soul to learn and evolve.


Source supports, guides, coordinates and manages, but must always respects the free will that your soul and your personality have about the decisions you make about your life.


Source does not have permission to activate, cleanse or harmonize what you have. You must to give it permission.


An energetic harmonization allows you to…

– Eliminate beliefs, patterns, behaviours, and thought forms that keep you at a low level of vibration and prevent you from moving forward.

– Get rid of obsolete pacts, promises, and karmic contracts.

– Understand how and why these blockages originated.

– Cleanse your energetic bodies allowing them to raise their vibration.

– Align what you desire with your highest good to move forward on your life path into the future.

– Recognize the divinity that you are and undo knots that paralyze you.

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