Julia Holistic Massage

Julia is a very special powerful woman that uses the technics of holistic massage combined with magnified healing. During this treatment she uses prayers in Hebrew language from the magnified healing. She connect to your past lives and pains, if this is your wish you can also receive information on the origin of a pain.

It is deeply recommended to do this massage after bufo alvarius session, it is very grounding and since the consciousness is very expanded, it is also allowing Julia to do a deep healing for the person going back to childhood and past lives.

About the Magnified healing:

Magnified HealingTM of the God Most High
Magnified HealingTM is a very powerful 5th dimensional vibration frequency healing energy, modality and tool.

This healing method was previously used only in the higher dimensions by Ascended Masters to assist themselves, the Masters on Earth and under special dispensation, mankind.

Coming from the heart, raising our vibration of Light in our Whole Being and working with the Spiritual Hierarchy, it is a gift and expression of unconditional love from the God Most High (the Source, the All That Is, The Universal Mind), hence the name Magnified Light HealingTM of the God Most High.

Magnified HealingTM fully integrates all aspects of healing, 5th dimensional vibration frequency Light energy, sacred geometries, breathing, sounds and affirmations.

It allows healing on all levels (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Karma) by scanning, clearing, transmuting and reconstituting specific parts and various systems of the Body as well as the outer (subtle) bodies, bringing about the highest possible state of perfection in all levels.

In addition, it activates our DNA and Five Higher Bodies (different from our outer/subtle bodies), increases our Light levels and allows us to release old thought forms, habits, and belief systems. New patterns and belief systems are created, stabilised and actively sealed with Golden Christ Energy.

Julia Kovacova
Tel: +31 (0)624992604
Email: kovacova4@gmail.com
Price:50 Eur