The benefits with Bufo Alvarius

Every ceremony is different. Depending on the state of consciousness or accumulated intoxication, a participant can experience some of the following sensations during the ritual climax:

  • Massive liberation of accumulated stress
  • Connection with Consciousness
  • Experience of non-duality, sensation of Oneness with all that is
  • Dissolution of unconscious or repressed cellular memories which may create addictions, compulsions, psychosomatic illnesses , mania’s and suffering
  • Sensation of the body exploding in millions of particles
  • Partial or total disconnection of physical or visual reality
  • Fusion with Presence, to be completely in the Now
  • Sensation of being launched into the void at high velocity
  • The reconstruction of synaptic networks in your brain
  • Liberation of emotions and feelings
  • Disconnection of the ego as principle player and lack of egoic control

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