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I just wanted to write a few words or my feedback regarding my Bufo retreat with Boz Alvarius.

First of all just some advise/ suggestions, anyone who is thinking of doing a Bufo retreat please do not think it is a drug or you want to see/feel some kind of unnatural experience or get high. It is a very holy/sacred medicine which should be respected, honoured and consumed for self development for e.g depression, ptsd, addictions, past traumas, and so on and has many many other benefits. Go with an open heart and get rid of I, Me, ego and wants and only seek it’s blessings/guidance and healing will automatically happen because it will show us we are the biggest healers/Gurus ourselves and it will provide you with tools to handle/ deal with situations in different ways you never imagined before but as long you have a pure heart and if you decide to go on a retreat follow the strict Vegetarian diet as it will help, the cleaner your body the more the medicine will benefit you. I made mistakes, could have done things better but as you go along you learn and help others.

Most important of all, medicine will challenge you, will discomfort you,test you, never fear it, but by surrendering and letting yourself go and making a relationship with the sacred toad as I do will immensely help, (it’s like finding a lover and by putting all your trust,love and faith in them you build something special)and if we don’t get challenged,change doesn’t happen. My personal or my only intention always has been to go deeper within myself where all the answers reside as I believe, everything we need is within us and it opens you up to different dimensions shows you pathways and rewires your brain that has been sleep or shall I say we never knew it existed. It will show you the corrupt mind, new thoughts will emerge and you will see the world with different eyes, basically it awakes us and makes us more aware of difference between right and wrong and connects you to your soul/subconscious mind/heart whatever you want to call it. Don’t expect miracles as nothing happens overnight, it’s all about the relationship with the Toad. It took me sometime I have put my self and my body through tough challenges, suffered, got rid of fear, made relationship, built trust formed love and now I got to know a little only a little and there is always a room for improvement and am still working with the medicine. I know I am heading in the right direction and it only happened after some personal circumstances which I went through, like they say everything happens for a reason but I say differently everything is happening for a reason so it’s never too late to change and reinvent yourself never!!

Please do as much research as possible you can, (objective) and in that way you are making/ building up a relationship, love and respect for the medicine and only after this belief system develops magic happens.

I am a very picky and a different person so going to Cancun was a big deal for me but my journey had already started in July 2017 in Orlando and I was further looking to enhance my experience at the source. Like I said magic only happens with a strong belief system.

I came across BoZ Alvarius through one of my circle and was recommended highly so one thing lead to another and we became very good friends and he answered my every question I had as he has excellent communication skills. Most Important thing was for me to feel very comfortable and trust someone especially with these medicines, (I wouldn’t have done it without that as this is not a child’s play)where I am going as I had never been before and choose the right people who can guide you every step of the way and it’s very important for me to find genuine and honest souls who practice medicine from the heart not as a business as you will find many business oriented centres which are only run as commercial organisations and take advantage of the vulnerable and as I believe teacher is more important than the book itself. So when you on that path, things click and fall into place and I got all the green signals.

So in a nutshell all my expectations were met by Boz Alvarius who knows the area very well and has extensive knowledge of the medicine. His attention to detail was excellent.

Everything was perfect from start to finish and the retreat center was well equipped set out in a magical property with a Peeple tree
(google it, Indian holy tree) beautiful surrounding spread over 5 acres of property dating back to 1862 with ancient stones carved so basically it was a magical experience which I wholeheartedly recommend but again if you have any questions or any concerns do not hesitate to Contact BoZ as he is very very helpful in answering any questions and making you feel at ease.

All of the above is my true experience and my opinion only about everything, everyone and every situation is unique/different and we all come from different backgrounds but one thing is for sure that one must believe, be serious and only then magic will happen.

Good luck with your journeys.

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