Anonymous Kambo and Bufo ceremony

I can tell you my kambo and Bufo ceremony with Filipa was sort of mindblowing..
Im glad i did the Kambo first, to clean my body.. i feel i needed that, i think its about 1,5 month i’ve quit smoking (tabacco)joints and also stopped drinking alcohol, although i sometimes drink a glass of wine, which is oke.. but still. I felt an big resistance against alcohol.. because it holds me down, i feel more disconnected to myself…
The intens cleansing of my body felt thus really good and i’m happy i got the kambo on my neck.. i dont know why but that feels good.
And then later on the Bufo session.. i never in my life felt this way before.. maybe when i was born.. (and a bit when my children were born, although that was an totally different experience)…
This was really to big to describe… it was so right for me, it was not what i expected but so much more.. and i felt so so safe with you.. i’m really touched and helped and feel so much love..
now i’ve got to integrate all that love in me.. i’m so used to feel love for others and not for myself.. this is a really old, severe pattern…
so in december i hope i can do another bufo ceremony with you to learn more..
there is an obstruction between my knowledge and my feeling.. and now that i write you i feel that I’m impatient with myself.. oh boy… ????

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